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Jul 7 2018, 04:31 PM
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I've mentioned Kieran's scrapbook of memes he's collected from a friend over the years: So here it is! He's kept his favorite ones. It's not templated right now because I suck and I'm lazy. I'll make it pretty later. So, enjoy this look into Kieran's humor and what he finds funny!

Jun 28 2018, 12:39 AM
Today’s topic: Abilities

1. What would your character’s best attack be in a fight?

Nyx granted her children the ability to camouflage themselves in the darkness, to meld into shdadow and become nearly invisible. However it was Kieran who's mastered this ability. His favorite "trick" to use during a fight, is this. To melt away into shadow and strike quickly and powerfully with an element of surprise.

2. Have they studied any fighting techniques?

Kieran is a lover, not a fighter at his core. Therefore he received the standard training that all demigods get at camp half blood; but hasn't pursued or displayed an interest in getting additional lessons in fighting techniques.

3. What was their best subject at school? How good were they?

Kieran was pretty average during school. He did his best to get good grades and mostly brought home c's or b's. One area he excelled at however, was art. This boy could lose himself in painting, sketching, you name it. His love of art has transferred into his profession of a tattoo artist.

4. Would your character have the capacity to kill someone?

Kieran does not and will never posses the ability or capacity to kill someone with premeditation. In all the fights he's been in, Kieran only defends himself to the point that is required. Could he kill monsters, or even other demigods during a fight? Of course. Especially if he's trying to protect people he loves.

5. Have they ever won an award? What was it?

Kieran has not won an award.

6. Do they have any unusual powers? How do they work?

As a child of Nyx Kieran does have unusual powers. Like all children of Nyx he has the standard perfect night vision, the ability to construct near unbreakable shields out of darkness, darkness agility and healing, the ability to bring shadows to life, astrological knowledge, and darkness camoflauge.

However unlike all children of Nyx, Kieran was gifted with the rare ability to manipulate nocturnal animals. He can communicate and control them to a certain extent. He has a sort of pet raccoon he calls Meeko.

7. How are their social skills?

Kieran's something of a social butterfly. He loves to chat with people, strangers and friends alike. He's generally of a very pleasant and amiable disposition so people don't tend to find him difficult to get along with. However, he can get anxious and when he gets anxious he tends to push people away and would rather be alone.

8. Are they good at any sports / physical activities?

Kieran is actually pretty decent at physical activities. He loves hiking, skateboarding, biking, swimming- you name it. He just can't stand organized sports so you won't really catch him doing that. He prefers physical activities you can simply just enjoy with friends, without competition.

9. Are they a good employee?

Kieran's a pretty decent employee. He does what he's asked, when he's asked. He knows how to do his job and he does it to the best of his ability. However, he doesn't always take initiative, or go above and beyond what he's supposed.

10. Are they a good student?

Kieran isn't a fantastic student, but he's not a bad one. When he was in school he wasn't much of a problem child, paid attention to lectures (for the most part) and turned in his schoolwork. He has issues with ADHD like many demigods which impacted him a little.

11. Can they run very fast? What about distance?

Kieran isn't very fast, save for when he's in darkness and has the enhanced agility. However, he can run long distances without issue- in fact does quite well running distance.

12. Do they have a lot of stamina?

Yes. Even though he doesn't like to fight, Kieran does enjoy working out and doing physical activities. Over the years he's built up an impressive amount of stamina.

13. Are they very physically strong, average or weaker?

Kieran is quite strong physically, even when not enhanced in darkness. This comes as a surprise to people because of his gentle, nurturing demeanor. Often people forget that he's come and gone from camp half blood since he was eighteen- and it takes strength to do that. Physically and mentally.

14. How is their eyesight?

During the day, Kier's eyesight isn't that great. He often wears sunglasses to help with that. In the night, thanks to his mother's domain, his eyesight is perfect.

15. Do they have a very good sense of smell?

Yes. Because his eyesight is terrible during the day, its sharpened his other senses a little bit. So his sense of smell is sharp.

16. Do they have any hearing damage? Is their hearing very sharp?

Kieran doesn't have damaged hearing, he has selective hearing. He tends to sometimes space out when people are talking to him and when that happens you may as well try talking to a wall.

17. Are they good at researching?

I mean, he's good at vetting his sources, and googling things but that's about it. He also doesn't care for research very much, he finds it tedious.

18. Are they resourceful or do they rely on their own strength?

This demigod definitely tends to rely more on their own strength than his resourcefulness.

19. Are they good at making friends?

Absolutely. Kieran loves people, and he loves making friends. He's always down to talk to whoever wants to, or who needs someone to chat with. His sweet, gentle nature tends to attract people to him; and he's quite a good listener.

20. Are they desirable as a dating partner?

If you ask Kieran, he'll say he's nothing really special. However, he's always underselling himself. Kieran is patient, loyal, caring, and humorous. He's devoted and it wouldn't be a stretch to think that some people would find him a desirable dating partner.

21. Do they have a good sense of fashion?

People don't always expect this- but yes. Kieran takes great pride in how he presents himself to the world. He likes nice things, and he likes nice clothes. You can usually find him in "fashionable" or trendy clothing- even though he tends to favor more... alternative styles of dressing.

22. How well do they look after theirself? Do they practice self care?

Kieran is so busy trying to take care of other campers and siblings, family and friends he doesn't really look after himself all that well. He's a notable insomniac, tends to eat junk food, and while it's not inherently bad likes to smoke marijuana. His version of self-care is rolling a joint, taking a catnap in the sun, reading some poetry, and going to town to shop around and ride his skateboard. Maybe pet a dog or two if he's lucky.

23. Are they a good problem solver?

Kieran is good at solving other people's problems. When faced with his own internal struggles or issues he tends to do a couple things. The most usual thing for him to do is just shut down. Not acknowledge a little problem until it's become a big one. If it's a problem with someone else he is completely conflict avoidant.

24. Do they work better in a team or alone?

Definitely in a team. Sometimes Kieran tends to get a little... sidetracked. Therefore he always works better, and a little more focused, in a group. He likes splitting tasks up and making work feel more manageable.

25. Do they use any weapons? How well?

Kieran can wield the sword his mother gave him, and Xiphos sword in general.

26. What is the extent of your character’s first aid abilities?

Kieran's extent of first aid abilities extends to Tylenol, and band-aids. Anything more serious and you'll need to go to the infirmary- not him.

27. Do they have any valuable allies? Who?

Kieran considers his friends valuable allies. He has a few closer ones in general like Kai who Kieran knows he can count on for just about anything. He also knows he can rely on his family, though he doesn't really consider them allies in the whole fighting monsters thing.

28. How much weight could your character lift up?

Kieran's workouts don't typically consist of weight training, but he can lift 230 pounds for the squat, 175 pounds for the bench press and 290 pounds for the deadlift.

29. How much could your character carry?

About up to 290 pounds of stuff.

30. Is your character very organised or efficient?

Efficient. He needs to make conscious efforts to be more organized, otherwise he'd lose his head.

That's it for today's topic! All thanks for the list of questions goes here.
Jun 27 2018, 12:40 PM
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Welcome to another one of fini's wanted ads! This time however, I'm going to be requesting siblings for Kieran!

<p>The Confidant- This is the sibling that has been at camp half blood the longest! This sibling takes after their mother Nyx a little more than most of Kieran's other siblings. The Confidant is fiercely protective of their other siblings. They can be a little fiery and temperamental, and tends to hold grudges. However, they're also devoted (gods help you if they catch you harassing one of their siblings), confident, headstrong, humorous, and a bit of a party streak. This sibling has been here for at least six years and is the one closest to Kieran. Kieran tells this sibling everything, listens to her advice and vice versa. Suggested faceclaim: Halsey/Benjamin Jarvis Reserved for Roosje

<p>The Roman- This is a child of Nyx's counterpart, Nox. They're definitely the backbone/more disciplined child of Nyx/Nox. They put their foot down when Kieran maybe has trouble doing so. They don't have an issue with being in an authority role. If/when there are enough Nyx siblings and we get a cabin, I'd like for them to be the cabin leader or co-cabin leader. While they can be strict, or disciplined they also have a bit of a wild side. Suggested faceclaim: Kristin Zakala/Robbie Beeser Reserved for Jill

<p>The Newbie- This sibling is still wet behind the ears when it comes to the whole demigod thing. This sibling can be any gender, age, or sexuality. I'd like them to have gotten to camp and have been claimed very recently by Nyx. I'd like for them to have a little trouble adjusting to being a demigod, and I'd like for Kieran to take on a mentoring role for them! Suggested Faceclaim: Michael Clifford/Odeya Rush

<p>The "Baby"- This is the youngest Nyx sib! I'd like for them to be no older than thirteen. How long they've been at camp is up to you, as well as their history and gender. The baby is the youngest Nyx child at camp; and tends to get cosseted and pampered by the other Nyx siblings. Faceclaim suggestion: Finn Wolfhard/Anastasia Logvinova

<p>All faceclaims are simply suggestions and are 100% open to change. For the most part ages, genders, sexuality, histories, and personalities are up to you! As always, let me know below if you're interested in taking one of the siblings through PM'ing me on here or discord (fini#2275), or drop a comment so I can make note in the want ad.

<p>BONUS: I'm also going to go ahead and request Nyx for Kieran and potential siblings! Faceclaim suggestion: Hannah Snowdon, Pia Kristine Cruz, or Lana Del Rey


May 19 2018, 11:59 PM
So this is a headcannon/trivial information about Kieran! Just little bits of information that don't quite fit into shippers or history.
  • Kieran has a younger sister Maura, the daughter of Nox and his father Ryan. She’s six at the moment and Ryan decided that she’s still too young to go to camp so she lives in Maine.
  • Kieran lets Kaius practice his palette swap ability on him; thus why his hair changes colors often. It may be blue at lunch, but yellow by dinner. Kieran himself has ended up with colorful skin as mishaps with this ability in the past.
  • Kieran’s eyesight isn’t the best during daylight hours so he often wears sunglasses during the day to help.
  • Kieran’s been on and off at camp since he was eighteen. He and Kaius left together when he was eighteen and were gone for a little more than two years before coming back.
  • In those two years away from camp Kieran and Kai traveled cross country, and Kieran apprenticed at a tattoo parlor.
  • Kaius was the first person he tattooed.
  • Kieran and Oswin still stay in touch, and are still close. Oswin doesn’t know exactly what Kieran is or where he spends most his time; but he regularly sends Kieran “letters” which basically just consist of memes.
  • Kieran absolutely has a collection of the best memes Oswin has sent in his book of memes.
  • Given his mother’s domain, Kieran is a notorious insomniac. He’s gotten really, really good at camouflaging himself into darkness and shadows and likes to slip out of Hecate’s cabin when he’s feeling particularly restless. When that doesn’t help he has a somewhat secret stash of marijuana he smokes.
  • Kieran does not drink alcohol. Aside from having his own personal reasons, he just doesn’t care for it.
  • Kieran falls asleep in weird places when he’s tired. Dining tables, the fields, Zeus’ fist, the stables… once he gets truly tired Kieran can and will nap just about anywhere.
  • Kieran has two phobias. Batrachophobia is the fear of reptiles, and Tapho/Claustrophobia. Taphephobia is the fear of being buried alive, and claustrophobia is the fear of enclosed spaces.
  • Kieran is a coffee fiend- he has to be reminded sometimes that healthy grown people cannot survive off coffee alone.
  • Kieran is absolutely the mom of the friend group.
  • Through his nocturnal animal manipulation ability, Kieran’s befriended a raccoon he calls Meeko, who is kind of like a pet for Kieran. Meeko usually comes and goes as he pleases, and can be a little bit… mischievous. He’s absolutely named after the raccoon in Pocahontas.
  • And okay Kieran definitely spoils Meeko with too many treats but whatever, they’re pals.
Have a headcannon about Kieran? About Kieran and your character? Send it to me! There's a good chance I'll add it to the list <3
May 4 2018, 01:08 PM
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<div class="kritop">YOU ARE MY LITTLE STAR
<div class="krismt">you are my light in the dark ⭐</div></div>
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<div class="kribot">KIERAN RHYS ALDEN</div>
<a href=""><div class='kric'>m e !</div></a>
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