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Ricky Maderias

Nemesis Cabin

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May 31 2018, 07:07 PM

PB: Amanda Leighton
Cabin: Pretty much open, doesn't have to be Ares

Like Nathan, this girl loves to wrestling. Being equal to any boy in the camp- even besting them is something she wants so bad. So far she has bested them...well, except for Nathan. That drives her nutzoid! She suspects that Nathan is going easy on her and it infuriates her. More so when he beats her.
Problem is, as much as she is annoyed by him and his refusal to get annoyed when she manages to beat him, is that she is secretly attracted to him. She loves watching him train and compete- even if she is scawling at him all the time.
Not being able to say how she feels, just makes it worse. When she finally explodes and admits how she feels, she will find that she had really stunned Nathan. Takes a while and some awkward moments, but finally Nathan will reveal he feels the same way about her.

From there they often can be seen working out together: wrestling, running an maybe even swimming. Less often they can seen hoding hands. She has a reputation to uphold maybe or she is still shaken by how she feels about Nathan. When they are alone together, she is more affectionate (maybe) and they make out. Being who they are, they will have certain limites on what hey do.
May 3 2018, 06:52 PM

Ricky is one of the Nemesis kid. Don't let that worry you- he might fear the wrath of his goddess mother, but he isn't as dark or vengefull as her. This kid is reasonably friendly and is probably the most laid back of his siblings in Nemesis cabin. Of course- if you hurt one of his friends that all changes...
He has been at Camp Half Blood since he was about 12 years old, so he is not a new face around the place. Those that know him recognise him for is prowess as a wrestler and the rumour that the powers to be might be looking to make him the camp's wrestling coach. Certainly he is well known for being active and always working out in some way or fashion. Often he can be found doing that or just hanging out with people he likes.

Early each morning Ricky is up before the sun raises and goes for a run by the lake- even if it is raining outside (but not snowing- that is just insane!). Not only does this help keep him in great shape, but also allows him to clear his head about things that are bugging him or sitting heavy on his mind. Having someone he can run with would be nice- maybe someone who can talk out his problems with or someone he can give a new perspective or advice too.
In addition, he also likes to cross-country run- doesn't always need to be along a set track. Running, jumping and scrambling over trees and rocks is great for kids who like to burn off excess energy or push themselves. A bunch of kids running through the woods like a pack of wolves would be great for Ricky.
- George Whitehall: Running down the track and across country

Some one to spar with or someone to train.
Ricky loves to wrestle and trains hard for it every day (too much according to some of the staff). There is no doubt about his passion for it and it shows if you just look at how healthy is. A partner would be a person who wants to learn how to do it or someone needing a more challenging training partner. He will see you at your worst and at your best- bruised, battered, maybe bleeding- but never broken in spirit. Maybe you are both evenly matched and give it all, so that you are both so exhausted that the camp Wrestling Coach has to scoop you both off the ground with a shovel.
Ricky is a patient teacher and will not push his partner before they are ready for it. First he will get you fit to train and train you to a level that you are ready to progress further.
Or you just like to wrestle to fun and find this is something you have in common with him...

Don't look so surprised- Ricky knows how to cook.
When he gets put on kitchen duty, he will push hard to cook one of the 'Three P's' for the other campers: Pizza, pasta and pancakes. He LOVES cooking them and seeing what different ways he can make them. Then again, he is okay with doing the washing up afterwards- it is a good way to get into a conversation with people. He could certainly benefit from someone to broaden his cooking repitoire...only so long you can eat the 'Three P's' before you get sick of them.

One of the first activities he enjoyed at Camp Half Blood when he arrived, was the climbing wall. For him this is the ultimate challenge to his abilities and loves how it allows him to push him to his own personal limits. An athletically built kid, he loves how the climbing wall calls on all the muscles of his body to surmount it and challenges his overall fitness. In addition, it challenges his mental strength to just keep going, even when his muscles are all crying out for him to stop and rest. Ricky knows that he will need mental strength not only for wrestling, but to face the adversity that being at the camp creates. Sooner or later he will have to fight for his life and everyone he cares about at the camp. It could last for days with little chance for sleep or rest.

There is no doubt that Ricky is an uber-awesome wrestler.
However he needs to learn to use weapons to defend the camp. One of the first things he was given when he first arrived at Camp Half Blood, was a sword. Back then it was a tad big for him to handle and kind of unwheelly to use. But he has grown into it and is one of the reasons he has should a strong and chiselled upper shoulders. He needs a training/sparring buddy to help him get better- preferably someone of the same skill level. If better than him- maybe someone interested in exchanging swordsmanship lessons for wrestling lessons? Uniquely he has incorporated a wrestling skill into his swordfighting skill- if someone tries a overhead swing on him, all he has to do is block it long enough to hip-throw his opponent. It will annoy some people, but amaze others.
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