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 Posted: Apr 17 2018, 09:46 AM
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Half Blood Generation
site rules
Welcome to Half Blood Generation! Below you can find a list of our rules.
  1. registration

    Welcome to HBG. If you are interested in joining this site please read the rules below and start off with registering your Alias account with your writer Alias name. After this, you can register your first Character account: please write the First and Last name in PROPER CAPITALIZATION, which means the first letter Capitalized and the rest small of First and the Last name. Please do not add initials, as we don't like things to look messy and we will remove them while names containing a dash are okay. Please also do not use canon names from the series, names coming from any other series, celebrity or real life names. Examples:

    user posted image: Ariella Danes
    user posted image: Ariella-Gwen Danes
    user posted image: Ariella Danes-Green
    user posted image. Percy A. Jackson.
    user posted image: Harry Potter
    user posted image: Logan Lerman

  2. Making Characters

    Every new member joining HBG is allowed to have one camper from any available god, except the big three (meaning the triad of Zeus, Hades and Poseidon or their roman versions) and obviously Hera as she doesn't have demigods. We offer the possibility to choose gods as godly parents that are not on the site with a cabin or ability list yet. These characters will be sorted as children of "Other Gods" till there are at least three of the same god on the board: then they get their own cabin. (Please make sure to read info about them as not every God is likely to have half-blood children!)í
    user posted image: First character from Athena Cabin
    user posted image: First character coming from a god without cabin
    user posted image: First character is resident from Camp Jupiter
    user posted image: First character from the Big Three (Greek or Roman)

    You can earn a child of one of the big three for a new character by buying the appropriate badge in the camp store, as they are RARE. For that, you will have to be earning drachma via different things on the site like posting or participating in events. There will be only a limited amount of these children available and they will be on a first come first serve basis. As the site grows, we will obviously stock the number up.

    In order to create a second character, you will have to buy the second character badge from the Camp Store. In order to make a third character you'll have to buy the third character badge from the camp store, and so on. Each time the badge will be more expensive in order to make sure your older characters are kept active. All your characters deserve your attention!

    Characters arrive at the camp at different ages, as known from the books and movies, but most of them arrive around the age of 12/13, while it’s possible for them to arrive earlier or later. Every Camper Joining the camp is welcome, no matter their age. Campers over the age of 25 are not seen as campers anymore, as they will have to work at camp half-blood to be allowed to stay. They can be campers that just came to camp or can be campers that stayed or came back after arriving at an earlier age. Once a Camper grows up they have the possibility to live on as an Adult Camper outside of the camp and live their own life, or stay at the camp and become Camp Staff or even a Camp Counselor. (Demi Gods living outside of the camp and don't work there are not available as characters right now)

  3. Face Claim

    We on HBG go with the method of Face Claiming. That means that you will have to choose a Celebrity Face which will serve as the general idea of what your character will look like. We do not allow anime, cartons or any kinda drawn faces as well as canon faces from the movie like Logan Lerman. Jcink rules say that all the faces used for face claims have to be at least 13 years old, which means if you use a Celebrity that is in the show business or music business or wherever for a long time now you are not allowed to use pictures of them where they are younger than 13. We know you can't always control how old someone is in that picture but you at least should be able to see that this person on the picture is not 7 for example.

    These kinda faces are not allowed: Pictures of yourself, or friends. Adult Film Actors or Actresses, Actors from the Percy Jackson movies, Anyone below the age of 13, Anime or any kinda drawn faces, recently deceased celebrities, for example, Chester Bennington, Avicii or Christina Grimme.

  4. Activity Check

    To see who is still active and who isn't we'll have two activity checks a year in which everyone will be required to participate unless an absent note has been posted BEFORE the Activity Check is up or you talked to one of the admins about it. Once the check-in is finished we will unsort every member that hasn't checked in into an inactive member group and remove their claims from the Character walls and these claims will be up for grabs again. To get these characters back please take a look at this This topic.

  5. Abilities

    Each Godly parent gifts their children with an assortment of different abilities upon birth. While every camper has the typical ADHS which is normal for Demi-Gods, they also have a unique list of abilities given depending on their parent. In This Topic you find a list of every several gods and the abilities their children will and can be inherited. There are Minor and Rare abilities. The Minor abilities are those which every half-blood child of the specific god has while sometimes a demi-god is blessed with an additional rare ability.

    If your camper has a Rare ability is up to your luck. With sending you your Half Blood Generation Welcome package, we will roll a dice for you once. To be blessed with a rare ability you will have to roll a 6 (you don't get to choose your rare ability). If you don't roll a 6 you will have the opportunity to buy a re-roll once a week for 500 drachmae, then it will be up to luck once more if you will be blessed with a rare ability or not.

  6. General

    I. We really hope that we won't have to address this much but one of the requirements we set for our members on HBG is not to cause any drama. Which means mutual respect towards the staff as well as to other members. Any kind of behavior that falls out of line like being rude to each other, plot shaming other members, calling names, harassment and in general bullying are not tolerated and will be remarked with a warning up to a temp ban depending on how to sever the situation is. If you get more than one verbal warning you will get a temp ban. If you get any more verbal warnings you will receive a 2nd temp ban, every infliction with these rules again after that and you will be permanently banned as HBG is supposed to be a safe place for everyone as in our eyes everyone should be treated fair and as an equal.
    II. HBG had no word count but please try to match the post length to the post you received from your PR partner. For example, you write a post in the length of around 400 words, the person you RP with should at least try to write a post around the same length as an answer as nobody likes one-liners as we don't like to see them here.
    III. HBG's rating is M/T. Which basically means it's a place where people under 18 are allowed to RP as well but since we didn't want to take away anything from your RP experience we decided that M/R rated things are to be posted within a Spoiler and a warning above the posts so everyone who takes a look at what hides behind the spoiler, knows that the post they look at might contain Mature or Triggering content. Mature content has to be tagged before the spoiler with a [M], this contains any explicit description of Sexual Content, Violence and Language and Drug Abuse. Potential Triggering content has to be tagged with a [TW] before the spoiler and might contain anything that can possibly distressing material. Anything below the M rating that doesn't contain any Potential triggering things doesn't have to be put into spoilers.

    IV. We do not allow plagiarism and theft on HBG so if we find out that someone has used things like writings, coding, graphics they do not own and do not credit on the site we will send out a immediate warning and offering them a week to change the stolen good or credit it. Pictures of Google are fine an don't have to be credited but if you find signatures in google please try to find an owner and credit them.

  7. Roleplay

    I.As well as our Rules please check the site plot before starting to RP here as it's part of the timeline and will answer a few questions probably

    II.As for Characters. Please be Realistic. Obviously, Demi-Gods will be a bit stronger and faster than normal humans but they essentially still are humans which means they are not perfect. Everyone has flaws may it be on the outside or the inside but nobody has a perfect personality. Please don't make what we in the RP world call "Mary Sue's" and "Gary Stue's" Character that is perfect and doesn't have any flaws. For example, your character is extremely intelligent? Make them clumsy, greedy or liars. Is your character very kind? Make them impatient, unreliable, clumsy. I hope you understand what we mean. Simply try to balance out the good and the bad traits of your character to make them seem realistic and not flawless

    III. Rick Riordan described Camp Half-Blood is a technology-free zone. So please keep it that way. Campers are not allowed to use Phones, Laptops, Smartphones within the Camp Boundaries as it heavily attracts monsters. The only Cabin allowed to use Technology is the Hermes cabin. In the Big house, there is a Computer open for use and a telephone as well for the campers to use.

    IV. If you know RP then you know what GM is. God Modding. Writers are not allowed to godmod other people's chars, they are not allowed to say the injured them, killed them or punched them without them agreeing or having an opportunity to react to the action taken. They always can decide to get hurt, to dodge or to punch back for example. To GM a character please ask the writer for explicit permission and state so in the RP post.

    V. In case a camper is supposed to become pregnant you have to inform one of the admins and ask for approval. We don't want tons of teen moms walking around the camp especially as the children wouldn't be half gods and with that wouldn't even be able to enter the camp. Children with Gods are very, very unlikely.

  8. Special Characters

    This refers to Satyrs, Dryads, Gods and the children of the big tree.

    I. Children of the Big Three have to be purchased in the Camp Store once they are registered and about to be sorted after application. It is possible to have your camper unsorted, but then they won't know their godly parent either and only upon buying the big three children badge and upon being resorted they are allowed to say they have been claimed. Everyone is only allowed one Child of one of the Big Three. You earn drachma by posting on the site and participating in events

    II. Nearly all Greek Gods/Titans and Muses are playable. The most well-known ones have a reserved Face claim which can't be changed while the lesser knows ones don't have reserved face claim we still have a say about the face claim as we have to deem it fit the character and the site regulations and eventually canon too. Some Gods/Titans are not available due to canon stories. If you want to play one minor god you will have to play one of the more important gods as well as they are our Cabin gods here and we'd rather have these active on the board than the lesser known gods. You have to apply for a god but they do not count into your character Limit.

    III. Dryads and Satyrs can be played as well, for these, you simply write an application just like you would for a camper they count to your character limit as well.


  9. CBox Rules

    Our C-Box rules are simple, no spamming, no swearing, no advertising and don't be rude and respect each other. Hold your eyes open for new members and welcome them and be especially nice to them! Keep everything PG-13

    Links to Pictures, Youtube and whatever are fine as long as it's PG-13 but Links to other RP sites are not allowed


  10. Graphics

    Our Avatars are 250x400 which is a pretty common size for avatars. They will resize automatically or eventually stretch depending on the original picture if it doesn't have the might measurement. You can always ask artists or ask on sites like shadowplay or in our Discord for resizing help.

    If you use a signature made by a graphic artist you will have to credit them above or below the signature, if you use a signature coding you will have to credit the person who made the code as well. DO NOT STRETCH THE BOARD so nothing bigger than 600x300, please.

  11. Questions

    Message one of the admins with your questions. We will gladly answer you every Question. Welcome to HBG

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to a staff member!
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