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 Site Plot
 Posted: Apr 21 2018, 06:59 PM
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Half Blood Generation

site plot

We are entering the year of 2050. The Gods and Goddesses have keept their promise to Percy Jackson to claim all their Demi-God children and to take care of them, and being part of their lifes as he never had that during his youth.

The Gods were celebrating when a topic was cut that the gods couldn't dissmiss. Persephone. She had helped their children save the world with helping them defeat Hades and giving them an opportunity to leave this place again so upon a heated debate the gods decided to save her out of the fangs of hades and let her out of hell. A loophole in the curse was found and it didn't take long till Persephone was wandering the ground of earth again. Now they had to decide what to do with her. Being the actuall Goddess of Spring Persephone wanted back into the Realm of the gods on Mount Olympus but her loyalty was questionable to the Olympian Gods so they decided to put her on trial to figure out who here alliences lay with. Her trail would be to join Dionysus and Chiron at Camp Half Blood as a Counselor for a few years and proof herself to be a good Person.

Persephone wasn't please but accepted. It didn't take long though till chaos break out at Camp Half Blood, once she arrived. Chiron was gone. About a week after Persephones arrival at Camp Half Blood Chiron dissapeared without a trace. First they thought he had an emergency travel but when he hadn't returned after two week they started to question this. In the mean time Persephone took over and decided to bring more action into the camp with setting up a Camp Cup. Each Camp would fight for point during the year and once the year was over the Cabin with the most point would winn a special price. First this seemed like a good idea but campers started to fight and rivarly between childre of different gods was whitnessed all around camp. Will they find their peace again? Who will win the Cup? Where is Chiron? Will they find him or will they forgett him?

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